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h3. Developing Your Own Portlets


h4. portlet.xml

ICEfaces makes use of the PortletFaces Bridge to handle the mapping of the portlet lifecycle onto the JSF lifecycle. This has many advantages like enabling proper resource handling and cleaner integration with the portal container. To define your portlet, specify the following:
{code:xml} <portlet>
<title>ICEfaces Portlet Chat</title>
<keywords>icefaces portlet chat icepush</keywords>

If you are using the PortletFaces Bridge, the *portlet-class* needs to be defined as:


The LiferayFaces Bridge is backwards compatible in this regard so if you are migrating from PortletFaces to LiferayFaces, the older classname will still work.

h4. web.xml

To prevent the processing of portlet resource URLs to avoid caching of things like bridge.js, the following parameter should be set to false.



h4. Library Dependencies

You must use a portlet bridge to run JSF and ICEfaces portlets in a portal container. See the section on [Portlet Bridges] for more information.