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h3. Overview

The PushButton component allows submission of a form in it's entirety or also the submission of itself only. This component supports an action attribute as well as an actionListener attribute similar to a h:commandButton.

h3. Usage
<html ... xmlns:ice="">

<!-- can use either class of ice-skin-sam or ice-skin-rime -->
<h:body class="ice-skin-sam">
<h:form >
<h:panelGroup id="push1">
label="this button submits the entire form"
actionListener="#{button.actionListenerMethod}" />

h3. Attributes

{info:title=TagLib Documentation}This section covers attributes involved in the typical use-cases for this component. For reference, the complete taglib documentation for this component is available [here|].{info}

*value* refers to the text written on the button, similar to that of jsf commandButton.
*label* If no value present, the label will be used for the pushButton. Otherwise if both are used, the label will be used to define the aria-role, described-by.

*style:* a pass through to the root element of the component.
*styleClass* a pass through to the root element of the component.
*tabindex* a pass through to the root element of the component, default=0.
*disabled* a pass through to the root element of the component.
*singleSubmit* When singleSubmit attribute is true, the pushbutton only submits an event request via submit call with execute=@this and render=@all, in other words, only the button is submitted with any action/actionListener attributes. If false then full form submit happens where execute being set to @all.
Default valid is false.

h3. ARIA and Keyboard Navigation Support

Pushbutton component supports keyboard short-cuts and ARIA. Aria support can be enabled at page level or at application level. By default ARIA is enabled at application level.

To enable/disable ARIA at page level, the [<icecore:config>|Core Tags#icecoreconfig] tag can used:

<icecore:config ariaEnabled="true"/>
To enable/disable ARIA at application level, the following param can be set in web.xml.

* space or enter key will fire the button's onclick event

Aria role="button", aria-describedby and aria-disabled properties supported
The ARIA implementation is based on the specification at [button aria practices|]. Currently only the basic ARIA attributes and single-key keyboard shortcuts have been implemented.

h3. Storyboard

|| Action || focus || hover || active || disabled || onkeypress || aria ||
|| yui-class | yui-button-focus | yui-button-hover | yui-button-active | yui-button-disabled | space or enter will submit | role, disabled, description ||
|| Submit | | | submit form & queus event | none | submit form/queue event | ||
|| Single Submit | | | submit button only & queue event | none | submit form/queue event | ||
|| Action ||
|| ActionListener ||
|| Screen Reader | description | description | role & description | role | | ||