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h1. ICEmobile

Welcome to the ICEmobile wiki. ICEmobile is a Java EE compliant framework for the development of hybrid mobile web applications. ICEmobile applications match the look and feel of native mobile applications, using pure web-based technique and standard Java EE presentation technologies like JSF and JSP. ICEmobile's device-optimized rendering engine ensures true cross-platform performance from a single application deployment, and hybrid and cloud capabilities within the framework enable application features not available in other web-based approaches.
h2. [Features|ICEmobile Features]
Read about all the key [ICEmobile Features].
h2. Presentation Layer Technologies
The following Java EE presentation layer technologies are currently integrated with ICEmobile:
h4. [JSF/ICEfaces|JSF-ICEfaces Integration]

h2. [Release Notes|Release Notes]

[ICEmobile 1.3|ICEmobile 1.3 Release Notes]
[ICEmobile 1.2|ICEmobile 1.2 Release Notes]
[ICEmobile 1.1|ICEmobile 1.1 - Release Notes]
[ICEmobile 1.0|ICEmobile-Faces 1.0 Release Notes]
h2. [Tutorials]
The [ICEmobile Tutorials|Tutorials] provide basic working examples of many of the ICEmobile features.