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h3. deviceResource

This component renders the necessary head resources for a device, including the device-specific meta tags, the CSS stylesheets for the device theme, and required javascript.

h3. Usage

<title>My Mobile App</title>
<mobi:deviceResource theme="#{themeBean.currentTheme}"/>

h4. Themes
* *base*: Structural CSS required for custom themes or when using 3rd party jQuery Mobile Themes
* *iphone*: iPhone (iOS6) Theme
* *ipad*: iPad (iOS6) Theme
* *bberry*: BlackBerry 6/7 Theme
* *bb10*: BlackBerry 10 Theme
* *android_light*: Android Holo Light Theme
* *android_dark*: Android Holo Dark Theme
* *ios7*: iOS7 Theme

h3. Component Documentation