Creating New Netbeans Project without Plugin using Maven

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Creating New NetBeans Project without Plugin using Maven:-

Development Tools Used

The following tools are used in this tutorial. Note that Netbeans 8 and Tomcat 8 require Java7:

Note that if using maven, no download is required as ICEfaces-4.0.0 will be made available on maven repositories once it has been released.

Creating a Dynamic Web Project with JSF 2.2 using maven

Step 1 Simply start up Netbeans and then create a Maven -> Web Project

Step 2 Add JSF Framework

Check the release notes of the particular ICEfaces bundle you have downloaded to determine which versions are supported. Reviewing ICEfaces-4.0.0-RC1 release notes indicates Mojarra 2.2.7 is supported, so that would be the version we will include in this project.
Here is the link to the release notes page, to be used for 4.0.0 and any future releases.

Step 3 Add ICEfaces

Step 4 Modify Pom.xml for correct version of ICEfaces.
Note that Netbeans incorrectly adds ICEfaces-3.1.0 which is an open source version of ICEfaces for JSF 2.1 (not 2.2). In order to work with JSF 2.2, then you need a minimum of ICEFaces-4.0.0-RC1. Open pom.xml in the project folder and then highlight the version of ICEfaces. Netbeans (assuming you have internet) will then let you know which versions are available from the existing maven repositories registered to it. This tutorial is being written a few days before 4.0.0.GA is released, so the latest version currently available is 4.0.0-RC1. We will select it (for now). Ensure all the ICEfaces jars you are using for this project are the same version!

Step 5. Remove any reference to compat components (ice namespace). Open welcomeIcefaces.xhtml and remove the highlighted (some are commented out) lines as the following image:-

Step 6. Run it!

Click on the 'ICEfaces Welcome Page' link to view the welcomeToIcefaces.jsf page

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