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Name: org.icefaces.ace.fileEntry.requireJavascript
Values: true|false
Since: 3.3.0 EE, 3.4.0
Scope: application
Application Scope

Setting org.icefaces.ace.fileEntry.requireJavascript to true causes the server side handling of ace:fileEntry file uploads to require that the browser have javascript enabled.

  • Javascript being enabled allows for ace:fileEntry to use AJAX for partial page updates.
  • Integration between ace:fileEntry and Portlets is dependent on javascript being enabled.
  • Automatic interoperability between ace:fileEntry and other upload components (in separate forms) depends on javascript being enabled.

With this parameter set to false, ace:fileEntry may not allow other upload components to function in the application, but ace:fileEntry will work without javascript being enabled in the browser, as long as the form's enctype property is set for multipart:

<h:form enctype="multipart/form-data">.

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