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Name: org.icefaces.versionableTypes
Values: */javascript */css image/* | a space delimited string of content types
Since: 3.3
Scope: application
Application Scope

By default, ICEfaces adds a version number parameter to the URL of most resource types. The version number parameter is used to ensure that the resources can be cached by the browser and that previously cached resources are not used for newer builds or releases of the software.

Normally, the version number parameter consists of the release version of the software (e.g. "3_3_0") and the build date ("130829" - Aug. 29th, 2013) = "v=3_3_0_130829".

By default, the content types that have this versioning applied are */javascript, */css, and image/*. You can override these defaults by specifying content types as the value of this context parameter:

        <param-value>*/javascript */css image/*</param-value>

The rules for specifying the content types are relatively simple. You can specify content types in one of three ways:

  • xxxxx/* - matches any content type that starts with "xxxxx"
  • */xxxxx - matches any content type that ends with "xxxxx"
  • xxxxx/yyyyy - matches any content type that exactly matches "xxxxx/yyyyy"
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